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The Arabian products that were in demand in India were perfumes, incense, carnelian, coffee and Arabian Horses.Subsequently, the contacts were intensified with the Hajj route from India running through Yemen.Some scholars compare the Arabic word yumna ("happy") with the Roman name for the southwest Arabia, Arabia Felix ("Happy Arabia").Inhabitants feel that they have a common culture, although local and class identities are still important. Medieval Arab geographers thought of Yemen as covering the entire southern strip of the Arabian peninsula, from the mountainous southwest, including Najran and Asir, to Hadhramaut and Oman on the east.Subsequently, the contacts were intensified with the Haj route from India running through Yemen, particularly Aden and Mocha.In 1839, Aden became part of the British Empire and was […] Street [off Hadda Road in front of Hadda Post Office, towards 50 Street before Y Telecom building,], Sana’a Postal Address : Post Box No.In 1839, Aden became part of the British Empire and was administered by the Bombay Presidency.

The capital is Sana'a, and Aden is referred to as the country's economic capital.In the midst of a war it is difficult to distinguish deliberate attempts to control information through disruption or control of the supply of resources needed to power media or telecommunications from accidents of warfare or collateral damage.Adding to the challenges are the security risks that research in zones of conflict presents.Yemeni traders served as intermediaries for Indian trade with the Roman Empire.

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The people of Arabia were fascinated by India’s spices, pearls, precious stones, silk, sandalwood, Oudh and perfumes and looked forward to the arrival of Indian ships.Control of information has always been an important ingredient of armed conflict, but has taken on special importance in the digital age.

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